Virtual Cards. Easy way to Pay!

Virtual Cards.
Easy Way to Pay!

The first secure platform in the Middle East empowering users with innovative payment services.

We wanted to create a Confident, Secure & Intuitive brand and platform. We wanted to inspire trust and boldness. So we created this modern and iconic star symbol that gives birth to unparalleled creativity and contemporary composition. 

We also designed a beautiful and modern app with a simple yet outstanding experience.

An innovative Logo!

The Starkard mark is designed using four circles representing digital technology— building a connection within them, creating a safe and secure environment. The simple, powerful lines of the logo are carefully constructed to contribute a sense of innovative design to the brand, while ensuring perfect legibility at any size, on any application. 


Stability, innovation, and security are at the core of Starkard business. Starkard platform enables the customers to secure their financial future in a trouble-free, innovative environment. 


We’re dedicated to building an experience as seamless and simple as possible – to empower users with the creative confidence to build their ultimate financial vision.